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Current Real Estates students present their groupworks online for the first time

The 21st cohort of our Real Estate Management course finished their regular lectures and exams and presented their final projects via online conferences for the first time.

Pictures of faculty members and Students in online presentation

After four semesters, the students of our 21st cohort of "Real Estate Management" finished off their lectures. During the last 2 semesters, they have been working on a very pracital oriented project and had to do final group presentations. Due to the Covid-restrictions, these presentations had to be done only, but faculty member Prof. Malloth, who guided the students through the project, and academic director Prof. Martens were impressed by the presentation skills as well as the high standards of the groupwork.

The participants are now off to enjoy the summer and the program team is looking forward to seeing them at the graduation ceremony in October 2020.

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