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New structure and additional settings for e-mail dispatch in SAP Services

Dear Colleagues,

We are constantly working on the further development of SAP Services (, opens an external URL in a new window) and we have the latest news for you:

New structure of SAP Services

The structure has been redesigned due to the increasing number of functions offered by SAP Services. Once you have logged in, you can see and interact with the new distribution of the elements. There is essentially no change to the functionality of the individual items. Only the arrangement has been adjusted. An overview of the processes for the two areas is now displayed in the "Finance" and "Human Resources" items.

New e-mail settings options

A common request has also been satisfied with the structural adjustments mentioned here. The e-mail settings have been differentiated to enable you to adjust your notifications to better meet your own specific needs and preferences. To do this, you can find the "E-Mail Settings" under "Settings" in the burger menu icon on the top right. Here, you can customise the settings for when an e-mail should be sent for a certain process. It is also possible to establish standardised central settings for all processes here.

Spend a few minutes clicking through the items and the new settings. You should soon find the most important and interesting elements for you.

Best regards
SAP Service Group