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Richard Wilhelm promotet to full professor

On July 1, Richard Wilhelm was promoted to full professor in ion physics. We congratulate him on his success!

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The Institute of Applied Physics is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard A. Wilhelm as Full Professor of Ion Physics. Professor Wilhelm is heading the Atomic and Plasma Physics research area at the Institute of Applied Physics since 2023. His research focuses on ion physics, especially highly charged ions, the generation of ultrashort ion pulses, interactions between ions and surfaces and the generation of nanostructures on surfaces. His outstanding contributions in this field have been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the Gaede Prize of the German Physical Society in 2021 and the Max Auwärter Prize of the Max Auwärter Foundation in 2020.

His academic career began at TU Dresden (PhD  in 2014) and at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. In 2016, he joined Professor Aumayr's Atomic and Plasma Physics research unit, initially as a postdoc (2016) and then as a university assistant (2017). The acquisition of a prestigious START award from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) enabled him to pursue a career from assistant professor (2019) to habilitation in experimental physics to associate professor (2023).  In 2023, he also took over the leadership of the Atomic and Plasma Physics research unit. As a result of an appointment procedure, he was finally promoted to Full Professor of Ion Physics in 2024.

We congratulate him on his success!