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Releases 2017.12, 2017.13 and 2017.14

Extensive technology upgrades make TISS fit for the future

TISS teaching:

  • Expanded display of historical curricula

TISS research:

  • Improvements in project search and document upload
  • Improvements to collectors
  • Adjustments in the project workflow in synergy with external links

TISS organisation:

  • You can now hide the official title and usage title in the address book
  • Improvements in the following areas:
    • Blocking of library ID cards
    • Calculation of previous periods of service
    • Administration and export of tutors and lecturers
    • Preparation of bulletins
    • Study department KIS
    • SAP interfaces
  • Bug fixes for internal events

TISS internal:

  • Support for and modification of comprehensive technology upgrades