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Regional Development Association and MSc Renewable Energy Systems win the "Austrian SDG Award"

The “Austrian SDG Award”, which was launched in 2017, is awarded annually by the Senate of Business and honors those companies, young people, media and communities that are particularly supportive of the SDG’s - the Sustainable Development Goals.

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In December of 2019, the winners were selected from more than 130 submissions. In the course of a gala in the Hofburg in Vienna, the three best in their respective categories were selected and awarded in the presence of Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein, President of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka and Maria Patek (Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism). This included the Römerland-Carnuntum regional development association, which received the SDG Award in the municipalities and communities category.

The Römerland-Carnuntum region, consisting of 28 villages and towns, was recognized as a pioneer in the implementation of the UN sustainability goals at the regional level. Although the award is submitted by the regional development association, the award reflects the overall development of the region with all of its actors and initiatives. "We also received the award on behalf of many pioneers in the region," said Römerland-Carnuntum chairman Hans Rupp.

 In their decision, the jury particularly appreciated the following developments in the region:

 • Foundation of the Eco-Social Farmers' Academy in 1986: In this Europe-wide unique academy, the intellectual renewal of rural areas was prepared in 25 courses.

• Construction of the Energiepark Bruck/Leitha in 1995: 130% of the current electricity consumption is produced from regional, renewable sources - in the development of which more than 300 million euros were invested.

• Establishment of the international MSc program Renewable Energy Systems, opens an external URL in a new window in cooperation with the Technical University Vienna in 2005: there are currently more than 250 graduates from all over the world.

• Founding of the Marc Aurel Initiative for "regional intellectual development" in 2010.

• The "ecoduna algae pioneers" - innovators, thought leaders and visionaries from the Römerland-Carnuntum - are the global technology and innovation leaders in industrial algae cultivation. The “hanging gardens” were awarded the “Energy Globe World Award” in 2013.

• Recognition as Club of Rome Carnuntum in July 2017

• Establishment of the first Austrian Future Council for 30 municipalities since 2019

We are all very proud of this award and we look forward to further, sustainable developments for and with our region and hope to be the motivator and initiator for other regions to follow this path.

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