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Prof. Gerald GOGER has left for new tasks

After seven successful years as a university professor at the Institute of Construction Management and Construction Economics at the Technische Universität Wien, Univ.-Prof. Gerald GOGER is taking a leave of absence for the next two years to take on new tasks in the public sector.

Gerald GOGER shakes hands with Frank LULEI in his office.

© Alexander Polansky

Handover from the old to the new Institute Chairman.

When Gerald Goger came to TU Wien in 2016 to succeed Univ.-Prof. Hans Georg JODL, he was faced with a major task. In addition to teaching and research activities for the field of construction operations and construction process engineering, Gerald Goger also took over numerous offices of his predecessor, such as President of the TU Alumni Club, President of the Austrian Trenchless Society, and much more.

The civil engineer, who was only 44 years old at the time, mastered this major task with flying colors. His many years of practical professional experience at the construction company Swietelsky and the specialist knowledge he gained in the process benefited numerous students in the research area of construction operations. Among other things, numerous diploma theses and dissertations supervised by Gerald Goger bear witness to this. In addition, he has published more than 40 of his own publications in the period from 2016 to 2023.

In the seven years, Gerald Goger not only distinguished himself through his professional competence, but was also a role model in his dealings with employees. He always had an open ear for the concerns of his staff and, despite his management function, met everyone at eye level. He also proved this by not terminating his professorship immediately, but instead taking a two-year leave of absence in order to still be able to complete the ongoing dissertations of his university assistants himself.

The staff of the Institute of Construction Management, above all the new head of the institute, Prof. Frank LULEI, would like to thank Gerald Goger for his commitment and for the good cooperation over the past years and wish him all the best for his new tasks!