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"Positive Energy Districts 2.0" in the winter semester of 2023

The master project Positive Energy Districts goes into the second round! The Research Department Regional Planning and Regional Development in cooperation with the Faculty of Geography at the University of Belgrade and the STU Bratislava offers again a trinational master project in the upcoming winter semester 2023/24. Registration is open from July 5 to July 30, 2023!

The course will focus, among other things, on understanding a vision of "plus-energy neighborhoods"; reproducing a workflow that has already been implemented in an existing neighborhood; elaborating feasible transformations in the dimensions of heat, electricity and mobility; applying methods from the fields of energy space planning, GIS and plus-energy governance; and understanding that not everything can be optimized everywhere, but that different planning options per settlement must be evaluated to identify those with the best environmental and social impact.

In a group of about 30 international students, research and work will be done together. From October 5 to 15, 2023, a mandatory face-to-face workshop will take place in Vienna and St. Pölten, after which the groups will work online and/or in their respective countries. Guest lectures will be offered during the practical week and afterwards. The course will be held in English. Erasmus students are welcome and will be given preference in the application process. The workshop in Vienna and St. Pölten will be face-to-face, all meetings before and after will be videoconferences (via MS Teams).