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Bringing order to the "historic wild growth"

Harmonizing infrastructure in an organization is one side of a change process. Accompanying these changes seamlessly is another. The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering has understood that these two topics need to interact - and is now planning a key project.

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Organizations are constantly changing. These changes often prompt very different developments within an organizational unit - for example in IT. The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering now finds itself in such a situation and is addressing the topic in a key project in its target agreements. What systems or software are currently in use and what experience was gained with them? What products does offer that could be adopted as standard solutions? And where are there faculty-specific requirements that also need to be mapped? However, the project is not purely about IT infrastructure, above all it is about how such a change can be accompanied in a transformative way.

To hear more about how Ronald Blab, Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will be approaching this project, check out the latest installment of our .digital news bits series:, opens an external URL in a new window