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Dominik and Pablo

In the face of escalating global energy challenges and a looming climate crisis, the race to discover sustainable and clean fuel alternatives has never been more vital. Hydrogen, often touted as the fuel of the future, stands out as a beacon of hope. Yet, its present-day industrial production methods, such as steam reforming and conventional electrolysis, remain mired in significant carbon footprints.

But change might be on the horizon. A pioneering study led by Prof. Dominik Eder of the Institute of Materials Chemistry (TU Wien) is reshaping the hydrogen narrative. Their innovative approach employs photocatalysis – a game-changing technique that transforms water molecules into hydrogen using just light and a catalyst. This transformative process captures the sun's boundless energy, storing it in the form of a "solar fuel". The groundbreaking findings, marking a potential turning point in our energy saga, are detailed in the recent issue of the scientific journal "Advanced Energy Materials".

What does this mean?

Well, our recent paper has been featured a lot on internal and international news. Read carefully to get insights:

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