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LectureTube Editor

Use LectureTube Editor to verify videos via a web browser and publish them directly to a LectureTube series yourself.

LectureTube Editor allows you to verify videos directly via a web browser and publish them to your LectureTube series (= the collection of your recordings in a LVA). This means that you are no longer tied to the manual inspection of all videos from our LectureTube support-team and therefor can reduce the sofar necessary processing time of up to 3 workdays between the completion of a recording and the time it is available in TUWEL for students. 

LectureTube Editor includes

  • inspection of recorded videos
  • cropping of the video in the front and back 
  • cropping of pauses if desired
  • direct release for publication of videos


LectureTube Editor requires

  • a LectureTube recording made in a lecture hall
  • preparation of the corresponding course in TUWEL and TISS


As additional support, TU Wien employees have access to documents and screencasts that provide comprehensive information to help new users get started quickly and easily access the capabilities of the service.

You can find these documentations and guidelines in our TUWEL Tutorials course: TUWEL Tutorials, opens an external URL in a new window

Further documentation of our service can also be found at the following URL: LectureTube Editor

If you have any further questions, please contact us via our ticket line: