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Observing groundwater from space

A new version of the Global Gravity-based Groundwater Product (G3P) has been released!

The new v1.12 prototype product provides data on global groundwater changes, represented as Groundwater Storage Anomalies (measured in mm of equivalent water height) from 2002 to 2023, along with associated uncertainty estimates.

This dataset integrates terrestrial water storage variations observed by the GRACE/GRACE-FO satellites with information on changes in various water storage compartments (soil moisture, glaciers, snow, and surface water) to derive monthly global groundwater estimates at ~50 km spatial sampling.

To view and explore the data and to get more information on the method, visit the Gravis Data Portal at, opens an external URL in a new window.

Dataset reference: Güntner, Andreas; Sharifi, Ehsan; Haas, Julian; Boergens, Eva; Dahle, Christoph; Dobslaw, Henryk; Dorigo, Wouter; Dussailant, Inés; Flechtner, Frank; Jäggi, Adrian; Kosmale, Miriam; Luojus, Kari; Mayer-Gürr, Torsten; Meyer, Ulrich; Preimesberger, Wolfgang; Ruz Vargas, Claudia; Zemp, Michael (2024): Global Gravity-based Groundwater Product (G3P). V. 1.12. GFZ Data Services., opens an external URL in a new window