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Upload your teaching videos to LectureTube

Upload your teaching videos into LectureTube

All teaching videos that you would like to make available to your students can be uploaded directly to the corresponding TUWEL course via the proven LectureTube Upload. This automatically assigns the videos to the correct LectureTube series. The LectureTube serial number has to be activated via TISS with just one click. After integration in the TUWEL course, the videos are available to your students.


  • Create TUWEL course via TISS: You need a TUWEL course which is linked to your LVA in TISS (Announce TUWEL course in TISS).

  • Activate LectureTube via TISS: In the LVA Administration in TISS, under "Announcement" in the "E-Learning" tab, you can activate the series in the "LectureTube" section by clicking on the "Activate" button. (LectureTube Upload)

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Upload videos in TUWEL: In your TUWEL course, click on "LectureTube" in the left menu and upload your videos using the "Add video" button. (LectureTube Upload)
  2. Integrate videos in TUWEL: By clicking the button "Add LectureTube LTI series activity to course" you can integrate the LectureTube series into your TUWEL course. Furthermore, you can provide single videos in your TUWEL course.  (LectureTube Series and Episodes)

If you prefer short video tutorials to PDF instructions, you can find the following ones in our TUWEL Tutorials course as well:

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