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Congratulation to the winners of the 2020 „Die Presse“ scholarship for the MSc ETIA Program!

Since 2016, the daily newspaper “Die Presse” awards scholarships to students of the MSc Program „Environmental Technology and International Affairs“. This year, Theresa Aigner and Olivier Heldwein are awarded a half-tuition fee scholarship in the amount of EUR 13,600 after convincing the jury with their expertise.

Scholarship holders Theresa Aigner and Olivier Heldwein with the jury

© Clemens Fabry (Die Presse)

Scholarship holders Theresa Aigner and Olivier Heldwein with the jury

Due to COVID19, the awarding took place later than usual, on September 14, 2020 at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in the presence of  Mag. Christian Ultsch  (Die Presse), Prof. Dr. Hans Puxbaum (TU Wien), Prof. Dr. Gerhard Loibl (Diplomatic Academy), Ambassador Emil Brix (Director of the Diplomatic Academy) and of course the two winners.

The happy awardee Theresa Aigner, BSc, states: „Beyond doubt, the current era is dominated by crucial challenges on a global scale. Personally, I aspire to be part of the transition towards a more equitable, sustainable and harmonic world on our planet. I am deeply grateful that DIE PRESSE enables me to gain knowledge and expertise through the MSc ETIA program and hence facilitates pursuing my dream.”

Olivier Heldwein, BSc of Uni Wien is the second jury winner: “To work towards my vision of a planet where humanity can have a sustainable future, we need scientific knowledge, technology and most of all good policies to allow for radical change. I am very grateful for the opportunity to study ETIA, which combines all these aspects, and for the support of DIE PRESS for this unique study program.”

This MSc Program was installed in 2007 as a unique cooperation between the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and TU Wien. Graduates of technical studies are supposed to get an overview about the political and legal frame of environmental technology, whereas lawyers, economists and graduates from other studies should get acquainted with the technical basics (focus on air, water and waste as well as energy, climate and sustainable development).

You can already apply for the ETIA15 program, starting in September 2021.

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