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Master Project "Positive Energy Districts" 2022S

The Research Unit of Regional Planning and Regional Development is offering a trinational Master project in the upcoming summer semester in partnership with the Faculty of Geography at the University of Belgrade and the STU Bratislava. Registration is possible from 15 February 2022.

The Master Project (P3) examines "Positive Energy Districts" in the context of a real planning area in Trenčín (SK). First, a general understanding of the concept is provided. In addition the practical process for the transformation of a settlement (heat and power supply as well as mobility) in terms of integrated spatial and energy planning is carried out. Methods of integrated spatial and energy planning as well as GIS tools and governance approaches are used. Students will be working together in mixed international groups (10 to 15 students from each country). 

The core of the project is an excursion week to Bratislava and Trenčín between 09 and 15 May 2022. Registrations are possible starting 15 February 2022 via this link, opens an external URL in a new window in TISS. Additional meetings during the semester and the task details will be announced at the beginning of March. The course will be held in English.