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Small but mighty: The new TU coLAB mini training courses are here!

You don't know what you don't know. As far as TU coLAB and digital collaboration are concerned, you can get started with the TU coLAB mini training courses from mid-September. In just 1 hour you will learn how you can use TU coLAB for yourself - and have enough time for your own questions.

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We have taken your feedback over the last few months very seriously. Digital tools can make collaboration between colleagues, working groups or teams much easier. But taking hours at a time in your day-to-day work to learn more about a new tool isn't easy for many. That's why we've thought of an abbreviation: You get all you need to know about TU coLAB in small bits of information. We will start our TU coLAB mini training courses in September and have reserved one hour for each topic, which also includes enough time for your personal questions.

How do I get into the TU coLAB and how do I find my way around it?

A lot of content has already migrated to the TU coLAB and knowledge bases have been created. Are you mainly a user of already created TU coLAB content? We will show you the most important basic functions for finding, sharing, observing and discussing content with others in TU coLAB. Come to the "TU coLAB for users", opens an external URL in a new window training course on September 15, 2022.

This is how you become a content creator yourself!

Just reading and commenting is not enough for you? Would you like to work on an existing knowledge base or breathe life into your own space? You can find out how to create and edit pages in TU coLAB yourself and structure content in the training course "Creating and editing pages in TU coLAB, opens an external URL in a new window" on October 17th, 2022.

Help, my pages are confusing!

Your knowledge base in TU coLAB is growing rapidly and you miss a well thought-out sorting and structure of the content? Learn practical tips and best practices for structuring pages and spaces in the course "Structure and order in TU coLAB Spaces" , opens an external URL in a new windowon November 10th, 2022.

E-Learning, Digital Survival Café and the TU coLAB Community

Yes, there are more contact points to get support and information about TU coLAB. For example, click through the instructions and videos in the TU coLAB basic training course *E-Learning*, opens an external URL in a new window at your own pace, or view the recordings of the Digital Survival Café, opens an external URL in a new window. After the summer break, we started the series today with the topic "Design landing pages in TU coLAB". We described how you can personalize your TU coLAB landing page for yourself and use it as a dashboard to keep track of your own tasks, news and what your own team is currently working on.

For quick questions in between, use the #tucolab_community chat channel , opens an external URL in a new windowand get help, exchange and the latest information about developments in TU coLAB quickly and easily.

Tip: Subscribe to the Digital Survival Calendar so you never miss an event again: Digital Survival Cafe Dates 2022, opens an external URL in a new window.