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Key-Learnings from Leadership Talk #1 with coach and pilot Leo Flammer

Leo Flammer about current challenges for managers

Leo Flammer


Leo Flammer – Experte in High-Risk Environments, Pilot

On February 10, 2021, the first talk on dealing with uncertainty & loss of control took place as part of our Leadership Talk series. Leo Flammer (expert in high-risk environments, coach and pilot) shed light on the role of leaders in times of crisis and their individual possibilities of influence.

Here we have summarized for you our key learnings from Leadership Talk #1: "Dealing with Uncertainty & Loss of Control", with Leo Flammer.

Key-Learnings from Leadership Talk #1:

  • "Always be ahead of the plan!": Meticulous preparation and working out different scenarios are essential to avoid loss of control.
  • "The feeling for snow": the exact examination of the counterpart, in the sense of a 'background check' is essential for leaders, in order to be able to grasp the personality and to be able to evaluate the point of interest.
  • Full attention to critical factors - the right prioritization is essential.
  • Influence by leaders only succeeds with good expectation management.
  • Leaders must create a balance between hierarchy and self-organization for their team within defined guard rails!

Our leadership talk-series was dedicated to the current challenges for managers, who are particularly challenged in times of crisis. The three force fields of leadership were examined in three talks. The experts Leo Flammer, Mag. Dr. Klaus Niedl and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Güttel talked about what leaders need to consider in times of crisis at the individual level (1), team level (2) and organizational level (3).

You can learn how best to deal with the challenges of a crisis in our Leadership Retreat: With Leadership through the Crisis. There you will learn the methods for coping with crises and with wich in addition to crisis management, you can also focus on setting the course for the future.

The speakers are the experts from our Leadership Talk series Leo Flammer, Mag. Dr. Klaus Niedl and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Güttel.

More information about the Leadership Retreat can be found here >>

Leadership Retreat: How to manage situations of crisis with leadership competencies
Language: German
Duration: 3 training blocks of 3 days, each full day within 3 months
Format: part-time
Start: May 20, 2021
Application deadline: May 02, 2021