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It’s not only about open data!

Data is constantly collected when research is carried out. This results in a number of questions that are coming to the attention of researchers, answers for which are being provided by experts in TU Wien's Center for Research Data Management.

Research and digitalization have one thing in common: neither is possible without data. However, management of this data leaves many researchers, hungry for knowledge, with a bad taste in the mouth, as data management goes hand-in-hand with an administrative burden and questions from service units with which they are usually not involved. TU Wien has recognised this and has set up the Center for Research Data Management [link] as an advisory and support centre.

Many topics from a wide range of specialist fields

Storage solutions, software, repositories, data management costs, legal and ethical issues…and then a data management plan on top of that? The range of topics associated with research data is considerable. This is why the team at the Center for Research Data Management consists of experts with a range of technical backgrounds. They serve as a point of contact for all questions on the subject of data, in order to comply with the requirements of the Policy for Research Data Management, opens an external URL in a new window, whilst providing the necessary support to researchers.

Support for researchers throughout the research data cycle

Support is organised throughout the entire research data cycle. Ultimately, the requirements for efficient research data management depend heavily on the different roles, perspectives and project phases. For example, in the pre-project phase, the description of data management or the creation of a data management plan is required for various funding bodies (e.g. FWF). Legal matters also need to be clarified in advance. In the project phase, when data is already being generated, topics such as saving or sharing data are relevant, as well as how this is documented. Finally, when the findings are available, questions concern the long-term retention and possible publication of data – or the subsequent use of data by third parties, which needs to be regulated by appropriate licences. The centre is in contact with other TU Wien institutions (, opens an external URL in a new window, Library), whose expertise and existing services are shared.

So when we talk about research data, it's not just about open access. However, experts at the centre are also the best people to talk to about this.


Fruther information can be found at the website of the Center for Research Data Management:, opens an external URL in a new window