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IT - the bridge between digitalization, infrastructure and use

Information technologies enable us to face the challenges of digitalization. For its part, digitalization challenges IT by initiating new developments. An interesting area of tension in which the digital transformation process at TU Wien is moving.

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There would be no digitalization without the development of information technology. It forms the basis on which the digital transformation can thrive. The challenges go far beyond choosing the right "tool" or the right platform. Rather, there are questions that need to be considered more comprehensively: How can digital collaboration be designed in a wide variety of areas and with functioning interfaces? And how can you maintain a good handling of data? Both topics that are of particular importance at a large research university.

That's why we brought Bernd Logar, CIO of TU Wien, in front of the camera and asked him which topics IT will be dealing with in the near future - especially with a view to digitalization. You can check out his thoughts on these topics in this issue of our .digital news bits series, opens an external URL in a new window.