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Innovation Liquid Energy

Group photo of the IFE project team

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Group picture of the "IFE" project team (Photo by Valentina Nigitz)

Graphical Abstract of the IFE project

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Overview of the project "Innovation Liquid Energy"

The IFE project (Innovation Liquid Energy), an associated project of the CO2Refinery, came to an end in June and it is time to take stock. The project‘s goal was to design a pilot-scale plant converting CO2 and water into liquid energy carriers via a high-temperature electrolyzer and a Fischer-Tropsch reactor. Two journal articles and two conference papers have been published within the project’s framework by the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering at TU Wien, comprising process modeling and simulation. In addition, a techno-economic assessment and an analysis of the Fischer-Tropsch products‘ CO2 footprint for various electricity sources have been conducted. The most recent journal article “Evaluation of CO2 Sources for Power-to-Liquid Plants Producing Fischer-Tropsch Products, opens an external URL in a new window focused on the plant’s carbon and Power-to-Liquid efficiency based on three analyzed CO2 sources, i.e., a biogas upgrading plant, a cement plant and a biomass heating plant.