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IMMO FutureLab 2024: Real Estate Industry Trends

Innovative Conference Brings Experts Together

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On June 4, 2024, the seventh IMMO FutureLab took place at the Reaktor in Vienna. Under the motto "Future Foundations - Laying the Foundation for Municipalities and Cities of the Future Together," the conference brought together leading minds from the real estate industry, construction, planning, and urban development. The aim was to present new solutions and strategies for sustainable urban living spaces – a topic of great importance for aspiring real estate experts.

Forward-Looking Presentations and Discussions

The keynotes by high-profile speakers offered valuable insights into the potential of municipalities and cities for sustainable development:

  • Digitalization and AI in building inventory assessment and urban mining

  • Challenges and opportunities in urban planning in Vienna

  • Transformation of brownfields to greenfields

  • Practical solutions for combating heat islands through climate-fit open spaces

A panel discussion on the theme "Key Factors of Future-Proof Cities" shed light on important topics such as circular economy, use of brownfields, quarter development, and energy supply. These aspects are central to understanding modern real estate development and management.

TU Wien Academy: Your Partner for Future-Oriented Real Estate Education

The TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education is a proud partner of IMMO FutureLab. This partnership underscores our commitment to imparting current knowledge for the real estate industry and preparing experts for the challenges of the future.

Our renowned real estate programs offer you the opportunity to deepen this knowledge and advance your career in the real estate industry:

Both programs provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are indispensable in the changing real estate landscape.

Shape the Future of the Real Estate Industry

If you want to be part of these exciting developments and actively contribute to shaping sustainable urban spaces, our programs are the ideal starting point. Prepare yourself for a successful career in the real estate industry and become an expert who masters the challenges of tomorrow.

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