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HiELuVent Meeting with Carl Reiner

The HiELuVent project is making progress. Many thanks to Carl Reiner for providing the lung simulator.

The HiELuVent Team standing around the lung simulator

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HiELuVent Setup of the Lung Simulator

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Mr Kölbl, Mohsen Baghaei and Margit Gföhler next to the Lungsimulator

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On June 26th, the monthly progress meeting for the HiELuVent project was held at TU Wien. During the meeting, Biofluidslab presented the progress made in the CFD simulations and experiments. The simulations were adjusted based on the lung simulator provided by Carl Reiner, which includes the expansion and contraction of the alveoli under different ventilation conditions.

Mr. Kölbl from Carl Reiner provided important feedback on the simulations and the ventilator operation, which will be incorporated into the next round of simulations.

We would like to express gratitude to Carl Reiner and Mr. Kölbl for providing the lung simulator and their valuable insights into the project and its progress.