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Heterotopia - Japanese teahouse as a student project

From design to realization: Master's students in architecture and civil engineering spend a semester designing, planning and building a Japanese teahouse.

Flyer mit grafischer Darstellung des Teehauses im japanischen Garten von Schönbrunn


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Flyer zur Eröffnung des japanischen Teehauses in Schönbrunn

Es ist das von Studierenden gebaute Teehaus mit dem Namen Heterotopia" an seinem Standort im japanischen Garten Schönbrunn zu sehen.

© Fabian Dembski

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Japanisches Teehaus "Heterotopia" im japanischen Garten im Schlosspark Schönbrunn

The year 2023 marks not only the 150th anniversary of the Vienna World's Fair (1873), in which Japan participated for the first time after its more than 250 years of voluntary seclusion (Sakoku: 1603-1868) but also the 110th anniversary of the Japanese garden in Schönbrunn Palace Park.

There - to celebrate the historical connection between Austria and Japan and to promote understanding of Japanese culture - a temporary installation was approved.

In this context, the special project "Learning from the Japanese Teahouse" was launched together with the JASEC at the start of the semester in March, in which students of civil engineering and architecture were able to jointly develop and ultimately implement a teahouse design. 

The ceremonial opening of the teahouse HETEROTOPIA took place on Saturday, 01.07.2023 at 3 pm in the Japanese garden in Schönbrunn Palace Park.

Further details on the various designs, the planning and construction process, as well as current information on the current status and the opening ceremony can be found on the Instagram profile of the project Heterotopia.