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Did the pandemic replace the digital transformation process?

Two years of the pandemic have shown us what is possible when it suddenly becomes necessary to create work and study opportunities away from tried-and-tested teaching rooms and workspaces. And when it is suddenly necessary to find fast, viable solutions. But are these solutions already the result of the digital transformation process?

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In the next part of our .digital news bits, we asked Vice Rector Josef Eberhardsteiner a question on precisely this subject. After all, TU Wien was the first university in Austria to state in a strategy document its intention to initiate a digital transformation process across all areas of the university. The implementation process began in 2019, and the pandemic has had a massive impact on this transformation process since 2020. A good enough reason to ask our Vice Rector for Digitalization and Infrastructure whether the developments of the last few years have already anticipated the accelerated form of this process. Take a look and see how he answered our question., opens an external URL in a new window