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Graduation Ceremony of MSc Environmental Technology and International Affairs

On June 27 we celebrated the Graduation of our 16th group of ETIA students at the Vienna School of International Affairs

[Translate to English:] Proud class of ETIA 16

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Proud  cohort of ETIA 16

[Translate to English:] Botschafter Brix, DA

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Ambassador Brix, DA

[Translate to English:] Prof. Kurt Matyas

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Prof. Kurt Matyas, TU Wien

[Translate to English:] Lehrgangsleiter Prof. Hestermeyer DA und Prof. Puxbaum TU Wien

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Academic Directors Prof. Hestermeyer, DA und Prof. Puxbaum, TU Wien

[Translate to English:] Ara Best Study Award Gewinner Clara Wend, Nikola Mirčetić and Luka Šolić mit dem CEO von  ARA, Martin Prieler

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Ara Best Study Award winner Clara Wend, Nikola Mirčetić and Luka Šolić with ARA CEO Martin Prieler

[Translate to English:] Iva Marinaova Tsolova-Kutsarova

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Iva Marinova Tsolova-Kutsarova, ETIA 16

[Translate to English:] ETIA 16 Graduation

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Ambassador Emil Brix, Director of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien (DA), delivered a warm welcome speech, congratulating the graduates for excelling in a unique curriculum that merges international law, history, economics, and political science with chemistry, physics, and environmental management. Despite most students lacking a background in natural sciences, they achieved remarkable success. Like an ETIA alumnus said, it’s not just about well-paying jobs, it’s about our planet and a sustainable future.

Prof. Kurt Matyas from TU Wien lauded the high number of distinctions and the diversity within the cohort, which included 18 students from 10 countries across 3 continents. He noted the consistent female majority in the program and highlighted its pioneering nature, stating, “You carry not only a degree but also a mission.”

Prof. Holger Hestermeyer, the new Academic Programme Director at the DA, encouraged the graduates to dream big, saying, “Dare to dream, because sometimes those dreams will become reality.”

Prof. Hans Puxbaum, Academic Programme Director at TU Wien, proudly mentioned that four ETIA students were recognized among TU Wien’s “30 under 30” out of its 25,000 students.

In their valedictory address, the representatives of the 16th ETIA cohort expressed their gratitude to both institutions for fostering an enriching, challenging, and inclusive environment. They also thanked their classmates for their mutual support, creating a lifelong network.

The ceremony, enhanced by a performance from the Brass Quartet of the University of Vienna Orchestra, saw the presentation of the "ARA Best Study Award" Martin Prieler, CEO of ARA Altstoff Recycling Austria AG, opens an external URL in a new window, Austria's leading collection and recycling system for packaging, honored Nikola Mirčetić, Luka Šolić, and Clara Wend for their outstanding achievements as the top graduates of this cohort. 

The Diplomatische Akademie Wien, opens an external URL in a new window – Vienna School of International Studies and the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education  proudly extend their heartfelt congratulations to the award winners and all graduates.

Interested in our program? Learn more about the Master of Science in Environmental Technology and International Affairs in our upcoming online info-session , opens an external URL in a new window