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Governance of e-commerce and cyberspace

Prof. Dr. Dr. Erich Schweighofer (Centre of Legal Informatics, Vienna University) will give a talk about governance of e-commerce and cyberspace. He is specifically going to address the issue of the current Wikileaks scandal.

Erich Schweighofer (Copyright

Erich Schweighofer (Copyright

Erich Schweighofer

Globalization means a big change in regulation of the economy. Borders are less significant and are partly supplemented by electronic firewalls (e.g. the Golden Shield Project of China). Important issues of governance are electronic identities (e-persons), electronic actions (e-actions), electronic market places and social fora. Technology (mostly software) determines the action space of human beings and good governance starts at the creation of these virtual spaces (code is law). International co-operation is decisive for eliminating illegal acts in cyberspace if present freedoms of communication should be preserved.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Erich Schweighofer
Prof. Dr. Dr. Erich Schweighofer is founder and head of the Centre for Legal Informatics at Vienna University where he teaches legal informatics, international law and European law. He has published extensively in the areas of information retrieval, legal ontologies, knowledge representation, automation of law, data protection, Internet governance, IP law, e-government, European institutions, European competition law and agriculture, international economic order, international investment law etc. His current work is focused on international and European governance and the dynamic legal electronic commentary as a new form of representation of the legal order. He is the main organizer of the biggest conference in legal informatics in Central Europe, the IRIS Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion, taking place annually since 1998. Besides the academic career, he has worked for 9-years in administration (Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Academy of Public Administration, 6 years in the European Commission).

Date: Monday, December 6, 2010
Time: 17:00 h
Place: Zemanek Hörsaal, Favoritenstr. 9-11

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