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Getting started with TUWEL - Most successful event

On the 4th and 5th of October, TUWEL - the central e-learning platform of the TU Wien - introduced itself in a short meeting.

csm_Getting started with TUWEL

The most important functions and informations all around TUWEL were shortly presented in two 30-minutes Zoom Meetings to make getting used to the platform as easy as possible for new beginners.

  • What is TUWEL?
  • How do I log in?
  • What can I do with TUWEL?
  • Which courses are supported by a TUWEL course?
  • How do I take part in an e-learning course in TUWEL?

TUWEL is one of the most used and essential e-learning-platform of the TU Wien, being used in studies and lecturing.
Lecturers upload slides for their courses and provide tasks to hand in, which can be solved by students. Tests can also be held online over the e-learning platform.
TUWEL supports LectureTube, the central videoplatform of the TU Wien for teaching, which can be used to make recordings and livestreams available.

The event was a big success: over 100 new freshman and those interested in a study joined the online event. Every start of the semester, the introductory event is being held to give a first overview of the e-learning platform.
A recording of the event can be found through the following link: Mein Start mit TUWEL Video (DE), opens an external URL in a new window