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Rendering research comprehensible

Research information systems is not only a cumbersome word, feeding them with meaningful information also requires some effort from researchers. But the better the data entered, the easier it is to demonstrate the benefits of such a system. And the TU benefits from this as a whole.

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The researchers at the TU Wien have a lot to offer in their respective research areas and thus contribute to initiating or advancing important developments. Therefore, they haven an inherent interest in making themselves and their research visible and findable. TU Wien has research information systems available that record research activity and render it "usable". In order to record research activity as accurately as possible, information must be well documented - which of course involves effort on the part of the researchers.

In the next video of our .digital news bits series, opens an external URL in a new window, Sabine Neff, Head of the Service Unit of Research Information Systems, explains why the effort is definitely worth it and how projects in the field of research information systems are used to try and find a good coordination between the individual systems.