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Field trip to Austrian suppliers

MIBA Sinter Group Vorchdorf

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Zizala Lichtsysteme GmbH i

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Modine Austria

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During the participants of the fourth program are learning the major topics of the automotive production and logistics the two days excursion to top Austrian suppliers took place.

MIBA Sinter group Vorchdorf in Upper Austria is producing high-precision, high-strength parts using sinter technology for car engines, transmission steering systems and others. To compare to other technology, e.g. conventional cutting technology MIBA can produce parts with less energy consumption and maximum material utilization. According MIBA it is Europe´s only manufacturer of serial production, high performance sintered split gears. The company is developing innovative technologies for cost effective system solution and increased   functionality. After the factory tour there were interesting discussion regarding the MIBA Production Planning System, Solution Tea, and others.

Zizala Lichtsysteme GmbH in Wieselburg is productiong and developing Headlights and different lighting system for cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. With the intensive research and development the company can deliver the high quality products to OEM and stay as the technology leader in its business.

Modine Austria belongs to US american Modine Group. Modine Austria is producing heat exchanger for passenger cars and commercial verhicles as well as oil cooler for diesel vehicles. Because of new incoming orders a new factory was necessary. In 2010 the factory in Kottingbrunn has been opened. With the investment in research and development Modine Austria introduces new product on the market. During the factory tour participants can see the automatized production lines. At the discussion for examples the procedure and difficulties of the relocation of the factory.

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