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Exchange stay of delegates of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Austria

This is a brief report on a stay of a group of researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences at the Vienna University of Technology from April 15 to May 2, 2007.

The group was headed by Dr. Boris Gartsman, Head of the Laboratory of Hydrology and Climatology, Pacific Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Far-Eastern Branch. The other participants were Dr. Tatiana Gubareva, Dr. Vladimir Shamov, Mrs. Lidia Yakovchenko. The stay was part of a project on "Extremal dynamics and sustainability of river systems under climatic and landscape changes" funded by the Austrian Exchange Service. The project deals with interactions between structural and functional characteristics of river systems in extreme dynamic aspects and the aim is to develop new methods to predict extraordinary floods on both explored and unexplored basins under non-stationary conditions of climate and land use. A workshop was held at the TU Wien where the Siberian and Austrian experiences were shared. An excursion was undertaken to show the Siberian delegation some of the water supply catchments in the Austrian Alps as well as hydrometric instrumentation. Data and models are being exchanged to foster the collaboration between the two research institutions.

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