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Energy planning lecture in Vösendorf: publication

Cover of the brochure for the energy-related spatial planning lecture in Vösendorf

Equipped with energy-related spatial planning objectives, 27 students of the TU Wien dealt with future scenarios in eight neighbourhoods. The course, which took place in the winter semester of 2019, was held in cooperation with the Klima- und Energiemodellregion Vösendorf and the municipality of Vösendorf. The results, which were impressive and turned out well, are presented in a 52-page print brochure in A3 format (see preview pictures), along with statements on the topic from the points of view of teachers and local planners. Copies are available free of charge from Kurt WeningerHartmut Dumke (Institute of Spatial Planning) and from Michael Krula (manager of the Energiemodellregion).