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Excursion to Austrian High Tech Companies

AVL List GmbH

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During the module “Production and Logistics”, the participants visited several Austrian High Tech companies and got an insight into how theoretical know-how is applied in this very specific automotive and supplier industry.

AVL List GmbH (, opens an external URL in a new window) is one of the leading companies for the new engine and powertrain development and an innovative company with more than 65 years of experience. The company has three core businesses: instrumentation and test systems, advanced simulation technologies and powertrain engineering. AVL invests more than 10% of its turn-over into in-house R&D to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to their customers because future technology has an impact on engineering demand. With its methodology and technology AVL is well prepared to meet these future requirements.
During the tour, the participants visited the engine and gear box testing facility and also the acoustic chamber. To find a right solution for the optimization of the combustion development the combustion measurement equipment was developed. With this equipment the complete combustion process and thermodynamic process can be analyzed to find a right solution for the optimization of the combustion development.

KS Engineers (, opens an external URL in a new window) is one of Austria’s hidden champions. One of its core competences is to provide the testing equipment form components and entire systems. After the introduction participants had the possibility to test the vehicle and powertrain rig under different street conditions. With the integration of vehicle, road and tire models, they could test the behavior of the car.

KTM (, opens an external URL in a new window)  is a very well-known Austrian off-road and street motorcycles producer. Parallel to the motorcycle production KTM has developed and produced KTM X-Bow - a sport car for road and race use. In the factory in Graz the participants could see the logistics and production of the X-Bow-type. It was interesting to get an idea of the logistics of the German produced monocoque which was composed of carbon fibers. The compact production line and its quality assurance system kept the high quality of the cars.

The Schäffler Group (, opens an external URL in a new window)  is one of the most successful global automotive suppliers. Schäffler Austria in Berndorf (  produces high-precision components and systems in engine, transmission, and chassis applications as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications. The excursion started with a company presentation and description of lean production processes. With the implementation of the new lean production process the company is able to produce 6 times more products with the same amount of the employees than 10 years ago.  The company also introduced a transparent data system, which means that at every place in the factory there is a screen which shows the whole information of the factory. During the guided tour the students could see how this transparent system is used.

The excursions and guided tours provide participants and students with a better understanding of the processes in the automotive and supplier industry. They also get an idea of how theoretical concepts are applied in companies which means they are prepared and have the know-how to improve production and logistic processes.

The participants of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry and the Program Team would like to thank all the companies for their time, explanations and tours.

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