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Allow us to introduce .digital news bits

Ideally, communication should address many of our senses in equal measure, which is why we have now added something new to the communications mix around the digital transformation at TU Wien.

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I had already dropped hints to loyal readers of these .digital blog posts that to support the digital transformation process at TU Wien, this year we have once again been considering something new in terms of communication. And now it's time to introduce it to you: .digital news bits – titbits of information on the digital transformation.

Turning the camera on our experts

The concept behind .digital news bits is extremely simple: we have plenty of experts at TU Wien who are willing to provide details of the issues that are important to them. So we are turning the camera on them and asking each of them a question, which they will answer for you, dear colleagues, in a short video clip.

Why only one question?

The digital world – along with the digital transformation – is shaped by an abundance of information. Sometimes a quick outline is enough, but sometimes the information is rather complex in structure and needs far more explaining. There is often too little time to explain a topic in depth, or there are other topics vying for consideration. Our .digital news bits counteract this, to some extent, by only dealing with one topic per post and providing an explanation that is concise yet sufficiently detailed. And to keep the whole thing easily "consumable" in between times, we have packaged it as short video clips.

Rector Seidler kicks off the new series of video clips

In future, we will publish new video clips about twice a month, with different experts each time, and always on a different topic. The content is all about the issues of our digital everyday life and questions on the digital transformation process at TU Wien. The very first expert we turned the camera on was our Rector, of course. She has been watching over TU Wien, Austria's largest technical university, for the last 11 years, testing out numerous digital innovations and obviously making use of digital tools in her professional life every day. A good enough reason to ask her about her personal experience of the digital transformation. But I think we have built up the excitement enough! Click here for the video with Rector Seidler., opens an external URL in a new window