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New RDM rules of WWTF

In its Open Science Policy, the Vienna Science and Technology Fund summarises rights and obligations.

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The Open Science Policy of WWTF, opens an external URL in a new window was implemented in March 2022. In the policy, the Viennese funding body commits to the Open Science principles and encourages grantees to treat research data according to the FAIR principles. The Open Science Policy is considered a further development of the Open Access Policy, with an increased focus on Open Data.

Open Access to research data

The policy clearly states that it is the responsibility of funding recipients to apply the principles of "open" and "FAIR" wherever possible. The WWTF explicitly does not require publication of all research data.

Details on the required provision of data are set out in the specifications of the individual calls for proposals. The policy only contains a number of basic requirements, such as the use of trusted repositories for data deposit, the use of persistent identifiers and open licences, and the linking of published research data to the corresponding publications. In turn, publications must describe how other researchers can gain access to the underlying data.

Data management plans (DMPs)

Requirements for DMPs are also laid down in the call specifications. They vary from case to case; a DMP is not always mandatory. In most cases, the requested document is a broad outline and consideration of data management as the WWTF so far refrains from detailed plans.

The policy roughly describes the contents and benefits of a DMP and points out that a DMP must be updated in the event of significant changes.

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