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.dcall 2021: It's time to implement and transform

The Rector's Office and the .digital office were again "spoilt for choice" with .dcall 2021 entries. In the second phase, the submission of detailed project proposals, 11 of the 19 submissions we received were selected and authorised for implementation.

[Translate to English:] Gewinnerprojekte .dcall 2021

In .dcall 2021, we were looking for project ideas that could help to shape the future of TU Wien – in teaching, in administrative processes, in research support or in the digital infrastructure. In addition to the central aspect of a digitalization project, it was important for the funded projects to benefit the whole of TU Wien. Sustainability and collaboration across individual organisational units were also important factors, so that overarching themes could reach as many departments as possible.

After the first phase of around 60 abstracts had been whittled down to 22 for the application phase and once some projects on similar topics had been merged, 19 detailed project proposals were submitted. This time, we organised a two-stage submission process for .dcall 2021 (abstract and then detailed project proposal), to make it easier for the future project managers to keep track of the effort and expense involved. However, it still took some amount of planning, coordination and imagination to outline the project ideas. We would therefore like to thank all those who submitted ideas for the time and commitment they invested in developing their project proposals. We read all the submissions with great interest, yet a choice still had to be made. After thorough examination and consultation, we have now been able to invite 11 project managers to implement the project proposals.

In addition to approving the 11 new projects, the Rector's Office has also approved three follow-up projects on topics from .dcall 2020. With particular emphasis on the future of teaching at TU Wien, two projects from the eTUcation programme of the Vice Rector's Office for Study and Teaching are also being supported as part of this .dcall.

Here is a list of all the projects that have already received their implementation invitations in .dcall 2021.

.dcall 2021 winners

  • Gemeinsam zum One-Stop-Shop mit University Service Management
  • e-xam
  • Teaching 4.0 -  FEM-Simulation into AR
  • Project Support as a Service – ProSAAS
  • Bringing the lab to the student: digital twin models
  • TUW DataServices
  • JaaS-MOOC (Massive open online Course via TUW Jupyter-as-a-Service)
  • Digitalen Wandel Gestalten
  • Open Data | Open Science: 
Wissensverteilung anhand audiovisueller Medien
  • Digitale Innovationsplattform
  • digiTeachVR - Digitale, integrale Lehrveranstaltung für den Einsatz von Virtual Reality in Industrial Data and Building Science

Follow-up projects from .dcall 2020

  • Digitales Prüfen - ein Rahmenwerk für die TU Wien
  • Folgeprojekt Digital Media Classroom - vom Design in den Betrieb
  • Jupyter as a Service 2.0

To make sure that the student perspective was also included in the digital transformation process, "Student Life Hacks 2.0" appealed to students for their digitalization projects. The winning ideas have already been chosen and they are being checked and prepared for subsequent implementation:  ID 3.0 - the digital student ID card, TUtor, Video Cloud and "What do you TU?" podcast. Details of the winning ideas can be found in the relevant .d blog post, opens an external URL in a new window.

What's next?

Work packages are currently being devised, schedules created, job advertisements drawn up and much more besides. The .digital office supports and advises the project managers and organises regular meetings for them. A kick-off meeting is already in place for mid-March. All project managers are invited, in order to create synergies, network and work as a team to further the transformation at TU Wien. More project manager meet-ups will take place during the year.


At the .digital office, we are delighted to be able to promote and support the current total of 16 projects in this .dcall, so that together we can shape the digital transformation at TU Wien. We will, of course, actively support the project managers throughout the implementation phase, advising them and answering their questions at any time. And, without giving too much away, once implementation reaches a certain stage, we will be able to introduce them to you.

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to contact us, should any of the project topics pique your interest! We would be happy to provide you with more details.