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Data & AI Literacy – Industry Panel Discussion Highlights at TU Wien ACE

On June 10th, TU Wien ACE hosted an enriching industry panel discussion titled "Data & AI Literacy," featuring a lineup of prominent leaders from the tech and business sectors.

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The event was moderated by Alin Kalam from UNIQA, with panelists Julia Newland from Microsoft, Helmut Petritsch from Iteratec, Lisa Hoellbacher from Unbuzz/Nexyo and Stefan Hahnenkamp from Burgenland Energie.

The discussion focused on the transformative impact of data and AI across various industries, highlighting the strategic importance of these technologies. Panelists shared valuable insights on interpreting data to generate actionable insights and integrating AI to elevate leadership and organizational practices.

Key discussion points included:

  • The Strategic Role of Data-Driven Insights: Techniques for interpreting and translating data into actionable decisions.
  • Leveraging AI in Leadership: Strategies for embedding AI technologies to transform business operations and organizational culture.
  • Cultivating Data Literacy: The importance of building a data-literate culture within organizations, emphasizing the need for continuous learning through up-skilling and re-skilling.
  • Communication Strategy: The role of effective communication strategies in supporting a data-driven culture, ensuring that all levels of the organization are engaged and informed.

The panel also tackled the challenges leaders face in data interpretation and the practical aspects of integrating AI into decision-making processes. Tips were provided on fostering a data-driven culture within organizations, crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the digital age. The event wrapped up with a lively Q&A session, allowing attendees to engage directly with the panelists on these vital topics. 

This panel discussion was not only informative but also an ideal lead-in to TU ACE’s "Data Literacy & AI Essentials" executive program. This program is specifically designed to enhance understanding and application of data and AI in business, making it a crucial tool for leaders who aim to excel in a data-driven world. The course also addresses the critical aspects of communication strategies paired with ongoing professional development in data and AI skills.

Here you find more information & details for enrollment to the "Data Literacy & AI Essentials" course. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead successfully in the digital era!