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COVID-19 - Important Information

For the safety and protection of all of us, TU Wien has taken various measures.

COVID-19 - Important Information

You can find updates on

  • Access: Access to TUW buildings is only possible for nominated key persons and absolutely necessary system maintenance work. 

  • Teaching: Since 16 March 2020, classroom teaching has been suspended: Distance learning via the TUW e-learning platform TUWEL will continue until the end of the semester. .

  • Examinations: Diploma examinations and rigorous examinations can be taken online with the agreement of the examiner and the students. All examinations and (laboratory) exercises for which attendance is required are currently not taking place. Further online examination modalities are currently being developed..

  • Labour law: FAQs for employees (home office, time off, holidays, childcare etc.) can be found on the intranet.

  • Information for students and lecturers (details on examination procedures, excursions etc.) can be found on the TU coLAB platform (

  • Information for researchers and coordinators of third-party funded projects (details on changes and adaptations in the context of third-party funded projects (deadlines, project extensions etc.) are given on the TU coLAB platform (

  • Business trips: All business travel is prohibited until further notice.