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Coronavirus – Update: Routined semester opening

The start of the semester is just around the corner – together we will ensure a safe start to the semester!

Photo of the main building on Karlsplatz with the heading "Covid-19 Info", the update time 21.09.2022 and the update link:

For a routine, safe start to the semester, personal responsibility is our top priority. This includes:

Quit of isolation/Home Office/Hybrid Teaching

Employees and students who test positive for coronavirus and do not have COVID-19 symptoms are advised to stay home.

  • Affected employees will work based on their home office arrangement whenever possible. Please refer to the FAQ for employees.
  • Students may take advantage of virtual and/or hybrid course offerings. Please refer to the information for students.

Corona Vaccination

The National Immunization Board (NIG) has updated its recommendations. Please check for more information: