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China - Extraordinary possibilities for insiders

The TU Vienna offers again the seminar „Chinese for Beginners“.

"QIAO" - Chinese character for "bridge"

"QIAO" - Chinese character for "bridge"

"QIAO" - Chinese character for "bridge"

More and more Austrian companies discover China und get involved in this market which still provides extraordinary possibilities, especially for technology companies.
In order to be actively involved in China, it is not only important to possess the necessary technical and business know-how, but it is also to know the language, the colloquial forms as well as the culture and society of the country.

To prepare students and other interested persons to these challenges the Continuing Education Center of the TU Vienna offers again the seminar “Chinese for Beginners” which will start on October 12, 2010.

In this course, the participants learn the basic structure of Chinese language. The emphasis is on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation as well as the Chinese writing system (simplified characters). Chinese culture and tradition will also be included.

Dr. Yan Li, who will teach in the course was born in Sichuan (China), studied in Beijing and on the Purdue University (U.S.A.). She worked as a lecturer at the Bennington College (U.S.A) and the Universities of Saarbrücken, Münster and Vienna.

The course mainly addresses the following groups of people:

  • Preparation for students for their studying in China or Taiwan
  • Researchers of universities
  • Employees from companies (such as engineers and natural scientists) who want to build up relations with China or to prepare themselves for working in China
  • People which are interested in the Chinese language and culture

As a finale degree the participants will receive a certificate of participation granted by the Vienna University of Technology.

For further information please visit <link http: tu_college special_seminars en _blank>, opens an external URL in a new window