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CfA: ESA RN37 Seeing like a City / Seeing the City through

Call for Abstracts European Sociology Association

Title and Deadline of the Call

Call for Abstracts:, opens a file in a new window From October 5 to 7, the Europan Sociological Association’s Research Network 37, opens an external URL in a new window will host its V Midterm Conference "Seeing Like a City / Seeing the City Through" at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Research of the Humboldt University Berlin. At this conference, we are co-hosting two panels that stem from current projects at our research unit. 

Panel 7: Scrutinizing the trend towards sharing in European cities: between (re)production and combating of socio-spatial inequalities (Chairs: Helena Dermeno, Alexander Hamedinger, Emma Holmqvist, Carsten Keller)

Panel 25: Solidarity with precarious migrants in the city: alliances, frames and practices (Chairs: Sarah Spencer, Ilker Atac, Simon Güntner)

Deadline for submission is: May 6.