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CEC becomes ACE

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Güttel on the new strategic approach of the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education

Logo of TUW Academy of Continuing Education

von Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Güttel

Due to the turbulent times and the growing challenges that arise for the economy and society as a result of climate change, new work and digitalization, etc., the need for individualized continuing education is increasing. The TU Wien (TUW) is therefore intensifying its commitment to postgraduate education by offering demand-oriented, future-oriented and sustainable courses. Over the past months, our team has developed an innovative continuing education concept that combines science, technology and business with the goal of "Connecting Science, Technology & Business." and ist tailored specifically for university graduates, technicians and managers.

With future-oriented and practice-relevant contents as well as science-based teaching and learning methods, we implement this with the highest demands on ourselves and on our programs. In addition to four updated continuing education clusters, new MBAs and compact programs in the area of Management & Leadership, for the first time we are also offering our participants the opportunity to individualize our offerings based on platforms and needs. In addition, our program teams regularly integrate the latest insights from research, business and industry into their courses by bringing experts and students together in talks, panels and symposia and answering the most burning questions of our time in various studies.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in postgraduate education at the TUW and the next few months hold even more exciting innovations in store for you, which will support you in achieving your individual goals. But not only has a lot changed in terms of content, our external appearance is also getting a new face: the "Continuing Education Center (CEC) of the TU Wien" will become the "TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education (ACE)" in the future. With the new title, we are not only underlining our affiliation with the TUW and our claim to be a modern, competent provider of continuing education, but are also increasingly focusing on international markets for the coming years.

In this context, I am proud to present our new ACE logo, which combines the dynamic developments in technology and society with our TUW background and the high standards our participants demand of themselves and their careers.

My team and I are looking forward to shaping the future together with you!

Your Wolfgang Güttel

Dean, TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education