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Business Evening - The automotive industry at the crossroads

Busines Evening Dr,. Tostmann 2016

In addition to the lectures and excursions one of the highlights of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry Program is the top class Business Evening with an opinion leader to learn about the actual challenges and future trends of the Automotive Industry.

On October 07, 2016 TU Wien organized a top-class business evening in cooperation with STU Bratislava.  Dr.- Ing. Andreas Tostmann, Executive Vice-President for Production Seat gave a lecture on “The automotive industry at the crossroads”. He started the lecture with the evolution of the automotive industry and how new megatrends influence the automotive industry and new challenges arise. The automotive industry confronted with three disruptions: Sustainability, Urbanization and Digitalization which influence the changes in the technologies and business  models of the automotive industry. With new technologies car producers have been able considerably to reduce CO2 emissions. But the trend is going to develop e-cars. With the urbanization the ownership of the car is changing. Instead to have an own car the trend goes to share the car. With the development of IT technique, digitalization touches all life styles and changes the industries, also automotive industry. The autonomous driving and connectivity will be future challenges of the automotive industry.

The next Professional MBA Automotive Industry Program starts on October 19, 2017 for the 9th times.
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