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Construction contract and supplement management

Univ.-Prof. (iR) Andreas Kropik has taken the occasion of the new edition of ÖNORM B 2110 in May 2023 to subject his bestseller "Construction Contract and Subcontract Management", which was published in 2014, to a comprehensive revision and reissue it in a second edition. This now completes the three-part construction management and construction contract series, following the books on construction costing (2020) and additional cost claims (2021).

the three books of Univ.-Prof. iR Andreas Kropik, next to it a spreadsheet, a calculator and a ballpoint pen

Because the handling of construction projects can sometimes be complex and conflictual, sufficient knowledge of the rights and obligations in the context of a construction project handling is essential. This book opens up the necessary knowledge base and provides valuable guidance for action. All relevant topics of construction contract law and construction contract management are explained in detail and in a comprehensible manner, starting from the legal basis up to practical implementation. The work largely follows the structure of ÖNORM B 2110, explains the legal environment, comments on the standard and offers solutions for many practice-relevant questions. A separate section is devoted to the deviations of ÖNORM B 2118 from ÖNORM B 2110. 200 examples, 200 user notes and the templates for 85 sample texts provide the reference for practical implementation. Thus, the authors have once again succeeded in combining theory and practice in an excellent way and in providing valuable advice to construction professionals.

Construction contract and supplement management / Bauvertrags- und Nachtragsmanagement
Format 17 × 24 cm, 1112 pages, self-published, 2nd edition 2023, German only
ISBN 978-3-950-42983-1
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