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75 years of ceremonial recommissioning of our electron microscope saved from destruction

Newspaper from 1946

source: Weltpresse 18.3.1946

Exactly on 18 March 1946, our first electron microscope, the Siemens & Halske Übermikroskop 100 (Ser.Nr. 25), was ceremoniously put back into operation. It was purchased in 1942 as an appointment promise for Prof. Ulrich Hofman and set up in spring 1943. At the end of the Second World War, it was dismantled and packed in crates and shipped to Strobl am Wolfgangsee, where it was brought to safety in the depot of the Viennese universities from destruction and seizure by the Soviet troops. Thanks to the support of the American Allies, it was brought back to the TU Wien (then TH Wien) and set up again. Since then, the TU Vienna has had an uninterrupted operation of electron microscopes, making it one of the world's oldest institutions to continuously operate such research equipment.

Details in:
75 Jahre Elektronenmikroskopie an der TU Wien: 1942 - 2017
80 pages
Edition: Editio AMICI
ISBN: 978-3-902548-02-3

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