Drone image of TU Wien with an icon of the Corona virus as well as icons pointing out security measures

Information for students

Teaching and exam operations

The TU Wien is planning the Summer Semester 2022 as an attendance semester. This means to fully utilise the lecture hall capacities, but also to be prepared for a short-term change to online formats, if the epidemiological situation requires it. Together we will implement a largely normalised university operation with a high level of protection. In order for this to succeed, it is essential that the the following be observed:

  • The concept of semester lecture halls (marked in TISS) will be retained.
  • Requests to hold a face-to-face lecture will be dropped.
  • Lecture hall occupancy is planned at 100%.

General information

From 01.08.2022, new COVID-19 measures will apply nationwide. The previous segregation (quarantine) of COVID-19 infected persons will be abolished, instead there will be traffic restrictions.

FAQs for staff about the discontinuation of quarantine, opens in new window

This means for the workplace:

  • Positively tested persons may work in future, provided they wear an FFP2 mask. In addition, organisational and spatial measures must be taken. These can be individual offices or premises or teams with only Corona infected persons (the explanations speak of so-called "Corona teams" at the workplace, according to which infected persons form their own teams).
  • In the workplace, the employer's duty of care (especially with regard to protective measures) and the employee's duty of loyalty (especially with regard to the disclosure of an infection) are increasingly relied upon.
  • Sick persons, i.e. persons with symptoms, do not have to work - as with other diseases.
  • Those who cannot wear an FFP2 mask for medical reasons (proof by medical certificate!) are not allowed to enter the place of work.

Duration of the traffic restriction:

  • As before, the following applies here: 10 days; from the 5th day onwards, one can be exempted. Persons who then have a negative PCR test or a Ct value above 30 are no longer subject to traffic restrictions.
  • The traffic restrictions apply not only in the case of a positive PCR test, but also in the case of a positive antigen test. However, there will be some relief in the case of antigen tests: if one is "only" antigen-positive, one can be retested by PCR test; if this PCR test is subsequently negative, the restrictions end.

Further effects:

  • Since in future no notices of isolation will be issued, the employer will no longer be able to receive compensation for loss of earnings under section 32 of the Epidemic Act. Any continued remuneration must therefore be borne by the employer.
  • In addition, the telephone notification of sickness is to be reactivated and the exemption for risk groups (presumably limited until October 2022) is also to come into force again.

Access regulations and contact person management have been suspended at the TU Wien for the time being..

Corona rules in force in Vienna: https://coronavirus.wien.gv.at/neue-corona-regeln/, opens an external URL in a new window

Here, too, the FFP2 mask obligation applies in closed rooms until further notice. Internal and external events can be planned and held as before in cooperation with the GUT Service Unit of Event Services, opens in new window

It is strongly recommended to keep a safety distance from other people and to remember hygiene when in presence at the TU Wien.