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Contact Person Management for external Persons

There are two registration options for all non TU members:

Option 1: Special access created by employees in TISS

Employees of the TU Wien can create a so-called "special access for an external person" in TISS under https://tiss.tuwien.ac.at/zutritt, opens an external URL in a new window (Note: the link to the access portal will be activated on 01.10.2020) for a specific time (by specifying date, half day, target person, target organizational unit or a target room by room code). In the TISS mask a contact e-mail address of the external person(s) must be entered. After this "special access" has been created, an e-mail with a link is automatically sent to the specified e-mail address.

This link leads to a TISS page with integrated QR Code scanner. With this scanner, the QR Code has to be scanned at the entrance of the respective building. With this the guest is registered in TISS and can be contacted via the contact person tracing if necessary.

Data collected during registration:

Timestamp of the scan or registration

  • TISS-ID of the logged in person
  • Building concerned
  • QR Content
  • Result (access allowed/prohibited)
  • Random Browser ID

The data will be stored for a period of 14 days after registration.

Option 2: Registration in the guestbook in the porter's lodge

Guests/companies register in the so-called "access book" at the respective porter's lodge. These entries are entered into TISS once a day by the porter, so that an automated contact tracing is possible.

Supplementation regarding parcel services:

Parcel messengers can either sign in the guestbook at the porter's lodge or they will be entered in TISS by the person who receives the parcel. The information about the delivery company and the time of delivery is sufficient. In case this person is classified as a contact person, the delivery company has to be informed.