The main building of TU Wien can be seen from above. On the top left you can see icongraphic representations of the Corona regulations

Information for Employees

Safety and security measures 

  • Opening hours: TU Wien buildings are open from Monday to Saturday between 6 am and 8 pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.
  • QR Code Registration: The obligation to register the QR Code when entering TUW buildings remains valid for all persons entering a TU building!
  • Contact person management: Employees who are listed by faculty or department have priority access to TUW.
  • Minimum security distance of 2 meters
  • FFP2 masks mandatory to wear in all public areas of the TUW.
  • Hygiene measures (regular hand and surface disinfection)
  • Get tested!
  • Home Office: With reference to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the following must be taken into account.
    • According to the governmental regulation, leaving the private living area and staying outside the private living area is allowed for "professional purposes and training purposes, if this is necessary". This means that all employees who are able to do their work from home should stay at the home office in agreement with the immediate supervisor (Unmittelbare_r Vorgesetzte_r (UV)). If the immediate supervisor agrees with the employee that some tasks only can be done at the TU Wien on site (i.e. the work cannot be done in the home office), the presence at the workplace at the TU Wien is required. Every employee is therefore entitled to enter the TU Wien buildings, if this is necessary.
    • TUW ensures that employees can carry out their work in their home office and that the number of work contacts on site is reduced:
      • Employees who are not listed by faculty or department work in their home office.
      • The report of suspected COVID-19 cases for employees (login required) remains unaffected. In this regard, the procedure described in coLAB "COVIDZARD" (login required) should be followed.
      • Other absences from work, such as holidays, special care time, quarantine or sick leave, are to be reported as usual (forms for human resources: login required).

Testing options for employees

In addition to applicable distance, hygiene, FFP2 rules and the TUW-QR code access scans on site, extended testing is an effective, tactical means of containing the pandemic.

1. "Alles gurgelt" - "TUW gurgelt"

The Rectorate negotiated the participation of the TU Wien in the Viennese programme "Alles gurgelt" and offered - since March - all TUW staff and students voluntary PCR self-testing by means of the gargling method for home use, in addition to the distribution of the antigen rapid tests by TU GUT and the municipal offer of the test streets and sniffle check boxes. "Alles gurgelt" was recently rolled out to all Viennese. Staff who were already registered do NOT need to register again, but can continue to participate in the project.

Newly participating employees

Employees who want to register in the project can do so on the website, opens an external URL in a new window and create a profile in the LEAD Horizon WebApp, opens an external URL in a new window to receive barcodes for test set pickup.

Receiving barcodes for test set pickup

Previously, participants received a barcode via SMS on a weekly basis after registering. Now this function will be available directly in the LEAD Horizon WebApp , opens an external URL in a new windowpersonal account. As with the sample collection, one enters the account with the personal password and clicks on the newly created button to recieve the barcode. Upon presentation of the barcode in one of the Viennese BIPA stores, you will receive up to 4 test sets per barcode as of the changeover on March 26. The changeover to the WebApp will be sent to all registered cell phone numbers of students via SMS on 1.4.2021.

Submission of performed samples

Since 22, March it is possible to hand in the performed tests not only at the Viennese BIPA stores, but at all Viennese REWE stores (Billa, Merkur, BIPA, Penny, as well as at the gas station stores BP - Merkur Inside, JET - Billa Stop & Shop, SHELL - Billa Unterwegs). From now on it is also possible to hand in samples on Sundays at open branches and petrol stations. It is still valid: for all samples that are handed in until 09:00 a.m., the test result will be sent within 24 hours.

Medical report/certificate

As of 26, March test persons who perform a test WITHOUT proof of identity (i.e. without a video) will only receive information about the test result, but not a legally valid document for a visit to the hairdresser or similar (i.e. NO medical report and NO certificate).

FAQ and Service Center

The project "Alles gurgelt" is implemented with the logistics partners BIPA/REWE and Österreichische Post AG. The samples are collected via BIPA shops and transported by the post office to the Lifebrain COVID laboratory, where the evaluation takes place. FAQs can be found at , opens an external URL in a new windowIn addition, the Service Centre can be reached by telephone at +43 1 90 22 3 and in writing at from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 22:00.

AMD Occupational Medicine Service

For TU employees who would like to be tested voluntarily or if the health hotline 1450 is not available within 24 hours in case of a suspected case, there is the offer of the Occupational Medicine Service (AMD) in cooperation with a nearby laboratory. Please complete the application form:, opens an external URL in a new window and send it to with a brief explanation of the reasons for your request.

Antigen test via GUT

On behalf of the Rectorate, the Department GUT provided with COVID-19 antigen tests available at main campus locations in February and March. Please note! As the municipal offers in Vienna are available at almost every corner (Pharmacies, test streets, etc.), this service will no longer be available at TUW!

Vaccination: Registration for university staff

High vaccination coverage is the best hope for reducing the spread of the virus. The National Vaccination Board in the Ministry of Health has made clear and unambiguous recommendations and defined which groups of people are to be vaccinated at which stage of the vaccination schedule:Österreich.html, opens an external URL in a new window.

"Pupils, students and university staff" category

The COVID-19 vaccinations in Vienna are also divided into different phases:, opens an external URL in a new window. Teachers and employees at Viennese universities can register for the COVID-19 vaccination in the category "Pupils, students and university staff" and will be considered separately in the online registration.

In general, please use the very good (also multilingual), multimedia information offers of the Ministry of Health and the City of Vienna about testing and vaccination options, so that you can decide responsibly and get well through this time!

Since October 1, 2020, the new homeoffice policy has been in effect (Login required, only available in German).

Additional information on home office procedures, time off, vacation, child care, etc. is provided in the FAQs for employees about the coronavirus (Login required).

In principle, it is recommended to postpone decisions on business trips until further notice or to take other options (e.g. "virtual" participation in meetings).
Before a business trip is planned, it should be checked whether it is really necessary or whether there are other possibilities. It should be noted that presence meetings (also at other organizations) should still be avoided. In any case, the regulations of the leaflet "Information on Business Trips, opens a file in a new window" (only available in German) apply.

Students and employees are obliged to register in TISS when entering the building. Access is registered by scanning a QR code. This can be 

  1. on your own mobile device or 
  2. with lending equipment which is available in the porter's lodges. These are disinfected after each use. 
  3. TUW employees can alternatively register via their workstation computers.

All guests, companies and other non TUW members can register in two ways:

  1. Special access created by TUW employees in TISS (
  2. Registration in the guestbook in the porter's lodge

Thus, a centralized and DSGVO-compliant digital contact person management is implemented at TU Wien. In the event of a (suspected) Covid-19 case, this enables fast, coordinated and effective action. 

The standard camera app can be used as a QR reader on iOS devices. Android users can use QR Droid, opens an external URL in a new window or QR scanner, opens an external URL in a new window, for example.

Details and an exact description of the registration process can be found in the coLab of TU Wien at, opens an external URL in a new window Questions about contact person management can either be asked directly on the mentioned coLab page in the comment field at the bottom of the page or you can contact by e-mail.

The Rectorate has revised the reporting process for the structured registration of suspected COVID-19 cases among staff members (including student employees) at TU Wien as follows:

  1. Stay at home or go home and inform your immediate supervisor (UV) if you feel COVID-19 symptoms or suspect for other reasons that you are ill with COVID-19
  2. Contact the hotline 1450.
  3. Fill out the online registration form: If you are classified as a suspected case by the 1450 experts (= confirmed suspected case), you must report this status to TU Wien by providing complete information in the form for reporting suspected COVID-19 cases (login required).

The Vice Rectorate for HR and Gender has published a guide for care duties, opens a file in a new window (only available in German).

Further information can be found in the FAQ on the intranet (login required).

Phishing e-mails are aimed at the fears and insecurities of potential victims and are intended to entice them to take rash actions. The topic of corona and current developments could be massively exploited for this purpose. When sending e-mails, therefore, pay particular attention to the correct sender address (e.g.:, the target address of links (e.g.: and the overall logic of possible sendings in connection with the corona crisis!

Security Advice of

  • will never ask you for login data.
  • Verify links before clicking them or type them into your browser.
  • Stay up to date about security by checking the home page.
  • Please send any questions about this to

More information and instructions can be found on the Data Security in the Home Office, opens an external URL in a new window page in the coLab.


Questions about study and university organization:​​​

Questions about admission:

Psychosocial Counselling, opens an external URL in a new window for Students (information only available in German)

Occupational Health at TU Wien:

In case of symptoms (fever, coughing, breathing difficulties) call  1450
available 7 days a week from 0 to 24

Symptom checker of the city of Vienna, opens an external URL in a new window