Technology for People

Developing scientific excellence and teaching a comprehensive set of skills

TU Wien is actively and responsibly involved in the creation of technical, economic, cultural, social and ecological structures. In order to enable universities to perform their specific social tasks – scientific research and teaching, as well as promoting public awareness – the essential values of freedom of research and teaching must be preserved and developed.

TU Wien gives all members an equal opportunity to utilise their potential and in particular promotes equal opportunities for women, who are traditionally under-represented in the field of technology.

Developing scientific excellence

TU Wien continues to develop research – both within subject specialisations and in interdisciplinary combinations – in an innovative manner. It will maintain the high standard that it has achieved and increase this still further by concentrating its strengths and through networking and collaboration. Research at TU Wien is based on twin pillars: fundamental research at a sufficiently differentiated subject level together with the interdisciplinary integration of such research, and application-orientated university research for which the fundamental research in turn forms an important premise. Together, fundamental research and application-orientated university research represent the key elements of the research output at TU Wien. With regard to the main role of university research – generating knowledge to increase understanding and for the benefit of society – the research objectives derived from these elements are directed towards utilising this understanding and knowledge.

Due to the increasing costs of fundamental research and application-orientated university research, key areas of focus will be set to define positioning both within TU Wien and in the network of university and non-university research at an international level.

Teaching a comprehensive set of skills

The range of courses offered by TU Wien is designed to meet two objectives. The first of these concerns specialist knowledge and technical skills. Since this specialist knowledge must increasingly be made effective within complex social processes, then as a second objective, communicational and social skills must also be promoted. The combination of personal resources developed on the basis of these educational goals is not in demand on the employment market but also serves to maintain the long-term competitiveness of our graduates. In order to cope with the rapid growth in specialist knowledge within scientific and technical disciplines, our studies teach the ability to acquire knowledge for oneself alongside a solid grounding in the principles. In addition, TU Wien also provides a wide range of continuing education opportunities for its graduates.

At TU Wien, teaching and research form a single unit: excellent teaching depends on excellent research, and only leading researchers are able to take our students forward to the highest levels of science and technology.