Technology in the kindergarten

When the KIWI TU in-house kindergarten was founded, a great deal of thought was put into how to introduce the youngest members of the university to technology.

These considerations resulted in the ‘Technology in the kindergarten’ project, which was successfully implemented between spring 2009 and winter 2015. About the project:

As part of the project, kindergarten children aged between 4 and 6 years old from TU Wien’s KIWI TU in-house kindergarten visited some of the TU institutes, watched the academics at work, participated in some experiments and were introduced to the world of science and technology in a fun way.

The project was carried out in two phases

2009–2011 Technology in the kindergarten 1
2012–2015 Technology in the kindergarten 2

The focuses of ‘Technology in the kindergarten 1’ were: robotics, physics, electrochemistry, structural chemistry and civil engineering – water. In ‘Technology in the kindergarten 2’, workshops on life sciences, electronics, waste management and architecture were added. The children also visited the ZOOM museum and the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) during this phase. The Gender Competence Service Department and the OCG sponsored the Bee-Bots robot project and the KIWI in-house kindergarten bought an experiment kit. The Chair of inst. E 166, Anton Friedl, sponsored some children’s lab coats and Vice Rector Anna Steiger financed some children’s protective goggles. Some external kindergartens have also benefited from TU Wien’s ‘Technology in the kindergarten’ project.

What’s next?

Even though the project has ended, academics and teachers are still holding workshops for this age group on their own initiative. For example, 5 workshops were held for kindergarten children in 2016 (carried out by Alexander Opitz, Irina Druzhinina and Kerstin Schneider-Hornstein). Between 2009 and 2015, a total of 35 workshops with 460 places took place.