TU diversity management


The TU Vienna has developed into an open university where discussions take place, opinions can be expressed and arguments are heard. Although each and every one of us has individual life concepts and world views, the people who work at the TU Vienna, lead them and study here, stand up for cosmopolitanism and tolerance.

Preventing discrimination and improving equal opportunities

Preventing discrimination against people and improving equal opportunities are our highest principles in dealing with each other and with our environment. This also includes learning from history by critically examining our past. We actively stand up against discrimination and for equal opportunities.


Diversity management is an initiative from HR Development with the aim of getting to grips with the concept of diversity. It is a universal approach for creating a working environment which is free from discrimination and for promoting personal diversity, which is recognised, valued, encouraged and used for the organisation’s objectives (Austrian Economic Chamber, 2015).

At TU Wien, we are committed to supporting all university members, with all their differences and similarities, wherever they are in life and whatever career path they have chosen. This is why the TU diversity management initiative aims to achieve a positive atmosphere at TU Wien, to prevent social discrimination against employees and students and to improve equal opportunities, as a diverse workforce is the best resource for providing the flexibility, innovation and creativity required for technical, university and social process (TU Wien equal opportunities plan, 2017), opens a file in a new window.

At TU Wien, we believe that all university members need to be involved in implementing this vision so that we can achieve a resource-oriented, respectful diversity culture in the long term.

Diversity refers to the heterogeneity or varied nature of a group. Diversity dimensions describe the differences and similarities which turn us humans into individuals (also see Glossary, opens a file). Selected dimensions, as specified in the Austrian Federal Equal Treatment Act, include: age, disabilities, gender, background, sexual orientation and religion.

Diversity measures at TU Wien

The TU diversity management (2015–2017) project was commissioned by the Rector’s Office in order to further develop diversity at TU Wien and to create a non-discriminatory and respectful environment for employees and students. As part of the project, a steering committee made up of internal and external experts worked on determining existing resources and requirements, and formulating concrete, sustainable measures for further development.

These and other measures are now to be incorporated into everyday life at TU Wien on a sustainable basis in the TU diversity management implementation phase. For this, there is a development team made up of internal experts from the three pillars that make up our university: (1) research and innovation; (2) study and teaching; (3) management, as well as an advisory board made up of internal experts from different disciplines

in order to continue the process and incorporate TU diversity management into processes, structures and documents. Interested employees and students are invited to help with shaping measures and ideas by taking part in focus groups (email: diversity@tuwien.ac.at).

Measures and points of contact for each dimension

TU Wien views achieving the objective of providing women and men at TU Wien with development opportunities in line with their qualifications and eliminating or levelling out existing disadvantages for women as a shared responsibility of all university members.

The Gender Competence Service Department is a service facility for achieving these objectives.

Examples of services: Online mentoring (for students), dual career advice (for employees)

At universities, you will typically find different age groups working together. It is therefore essential to respond to the specific requirements of the different age groups and generations, and to promote cooperation and potential here.  TU Wien is therefore committed to dealing with subjects like generation management and age-appropriate working in teams of mixed ages.

TU Wien aims to support its members, whatever stage of life they may be at. To make it easier for TU Wien employees and students to plan and implement periods of leave (e.g. parental leave or leave for care purposes) independently, TU Wien has created the role of compatibility officer and established TU Kids & Care, an office for dealing with matters of balancing family and career/studies.

Examples of services

  • Health check-up
  • Road map
  • Childcare
  • Toddlers’ group
  • Dual career advice
  • Network for those with relatives in need of care

TU Wien is continuing to work on fulfilling the quota as per the Austrian Employment of People with Disabilities Act (BEinstG) and supporting people with disabilities.

With its disabilities officer (for employees) and disabilities representative (for students), TU Wien provides points of contact who support students and employees with disabilities as well as those with chronic or mental illnesses.

Examples of services

  • Inclusion: recruitment and advisory board 
  • VIP computer workstation for people with disabilities
  • Project GESTU
  • Development of special gestures
  • Student psychological counselling
  • Occupational psychology office hours
  • Health check-up
  • Ergonomic consultations

TU Wien encourages interdisciplinary, networked cooperation, multicultural teams and linguistic diversity. What’s more, it benefits from these resources which can be created from diversity. The aim is to promote a culture of organisation and feedback in which there is mutual understanding and knowledge of different cultural backgrounds in order to eliminate stereotypes (see glossary), conflicts and misunderstandings between different parties.

The International Office coordinates all international mobility programmes and gives advice on applications for international education and university management projects. The Department for Overseas Students (Union of Students) is on hand for students.

Examples of services

  • Student advice
  • Buddy network and international café of the International Office
  • Workshops in English (HR Development programme)
  • Terminology dictionaries
  • Bilingual getTUgether
  • Erasmus staff

Different religions are a key part of our cultural diversity at TU Wien. TU Wien offers people of all religions and ideologies the same studying and working conditions. For this, members must demonstrate mutual tolerance and respect when dealing with one another.

TU Wien strives for a culture of open communication, in which different sexual orientations and identities are accepted, knowledge and awareness are promoted and members are free to discuss their private life.

The Department for LGBT Matters, opens an external URL in a new window of the Union of Students has given itself ‘(...) the aim of establishing projects and participating in and organising events relating to LGBT pride to encourage people to think and to promote diversity at TU Wien, as well as advising and supporting students.’

Examples of services

  • Advising and supporting the Union of Students, incl. educational trips, meet-ups
  • Participation in the pride parade
  • TU Wien rainbow flag
  • TU diversity management sexual orientation focus group
    • We would be thrilled for interested employees or students to join the focus group. Send a message to: diversity@tuwien.ac.at