From 13.09.2021 on the TISS G-Pass allows easy and safe access to TU buildings in 2 steps:

1. Upload the Green Pass in TISS.
2. Present the TISS-Access-Screen on the smartphone at the entrance of the building.

Upload of the Green Pass in TISS

You have the option of uploading your vaccination, convalescent or test certificate into TISS in advance and in accordance with data protection regulations. This ensures easy and time-saving access at the entrances ("fast lane") and is therefore strongly recommended. The security service checks the validity of your TISS G-Pass on your smartphone on site using the TISS-Access-Screen. This screen shows the name of the logged-in user, the user's photo and the G-status.

You can upload your G-proof in the form of the Green Pass (Digital Covid Certificate) in the menu item "Access", submenu "Green Pass". Information about obtaining the Green Pass can be found here: https://www.gesundheit.gv.at/service/gruener-pass/inhalt#heading_Uebersicht__So_erhalten_Sie_Ihre_Zertifikate, opens an external URL in a new window.

Using the "Select file" button, you can select the file containing the Green Pass from your device. After confirming the file in the selection screen, the Green Pass will be uploaded.

Screenshot upload green pass
Screenshot upload green pass

If the Green Pass has been successfully uploaded, the word "Valid" will be displayed in green, followed by information about how long access to TU buildings is currently possible.

To ensure that the TISS G-Pass is assigned to the correct person, the following data from the Green Pass is processed:

  • Name (will be matched with the name of the logged in user).
  • Date of birth (will be compared with the date of birth of the logged in user)
  • Type of certificate (test, convalescent, vaccination)
  • Type of vaccine (to determine if it is a vaccine licensed in the EU)
  • Time of vaccination/test/recovery
  • Test result

The following data is stored in order to create the TISS-Access-Screen:

  • Date until which the TISS G-Pass allows access to TU buildings.
  • If applicable, an uploaded photo if no TU-Card photo is available.

In order to be able to process and store this data, the user's consent is required. The declaration of consent can be agreed to when the submenu item "Green Pass" is called for the first time. The consent can be revoked at any time. This will delete all data stored for access and invalidate the current TISS G-Pass. The TISS G-Pass then cannot be used until the consent form is agreed to again.

Present the TISS-Access-Screen

After uploading the Green Pass, it is possible to access the TISS-Access-Screen. The corresponding menu item and the direct link to the TISS-Access-Screen will be announced here in due time. You must be logged in to access the TISS-Access-Screen. It is recommended that you already log in on your way to the university in order to keep the preparation time at the building entrance as short as possible.

In order to be able to enter a building in a time-saving manner via the so-called "fast-lane", show the TISS-Access-Screen to the TU security staff when entering the building. Due to the integration of the TU photo, the separate presentation of a personal ID is not necessary.

Example TISS-Access-Screen:

Beispiel TISS-Zutritt-Screen

Attention: Since 14.03.2022, no G certificate is required at the TU Wien.

TISS 3-G-access in a nutshell